Spates Excavation carries six million dollars liability insurance and provides certified payroll for its clients, when required. We can provide equipment on a time and material basis, or a competitive " lump sum" bid price. Spates Excavation, Inc. also provides turnkey operations to our customers, including but not limited to: excavation and backfill materials, compaction, trucking, Asphalt Concrete work, import and export of material, steel work for duct banks, and concrete- encasement.

We employ a safety director to ensure that all our long and short term projects meet OSHA as well as other safety organizational regulations. This safety program, along with certification for HAZ-MAT and CAL-OSHA excavation and shoring for all field personnel, has earned us an experience modification rate of 0.76.

As strong supporters of continued education, we offer all personnel the opportunity to attend educational seminars that are union affiliated, as well as other organizationally driven seminars such as Associated General Contractors, American Subcontractors Association, and local colleges and universities.


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